Empathy is the #1 Job Skill of the Future

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“CEOs are implementing empathy into the way that they work, and they are looking for team members who will do the same.”

“My passion is to put empathy at the center of everything I pursue — from the products we launch, to the new markets we enter, to the employees, customers and partners we work with.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is reshaping the world of work by shifting the focus at Microsoft to start with empathy. He understands that innovation isn’t just about challenging the status quo – it means listening to your customers and understanding their needs.

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For the 21 Days After Your Workshop,
What Will You Do?

It takes about 21 days to start to form a habit. What new behaviour will you practice? To get you started, we're excited to share some of the habits related to empathy, communication, teamwork, and problem solving that people in our community are working on after their workshops.

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Some of the most successful, future-oriented thinkers and businesspeople recognize that success in the new world of work takes a decidedly human touch. Here are a few organizations that have loved playing the Empathy Toy™, and agree that the number one job skill of the future is one that we as humans are uniquely suited to master.

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group shot of workshop paticipants at the Chinese University of Hong Kong making the Munari face with Empathy Toy inventor Ilana Ben-Ari

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