Facilitator's Guidebook Preview

  • Play at Work Page 3

  • Table of Contents Page 4

  • Empathy as the Foundation of Innovation Page 6

  • Toys as Tools for Facilitation Page 9

  • Workshop Themes: Collaborative Communication Page 54

  • Overview 78 pages


    Designed as a toolset for organizations, the Empathy Toy generates rich discussions about the role of empathy and communication in the workplace – and unlocks insights for improved performance, smoother collaboration, and more authentic employee engagement.

  • Game Scenarios Pages 13–49

    Game Scenarios

    As adults, we are well-versed in rules, sometimes to the detriment of our ability to see creative opportunities. This is why it is important to approach the Empathy Toy with a beginner’s mindset – the same mindset that allows a child to see a ball as a source of inspiration rather than something bound by rules.

    This section of the guidebook provides a number of game scenarios, but stops short of prescribing a set of definitive rules. And if you approach these scenarios as the playground they were intended to be, your workshops will be all the more creative.

  • Workshop Themes Pages 51–75

    Workshop Themes

    This section of the guidebook contains themes that have been piloted in a variety of workshops that have used the Empathy Toy as the primary facilitation tool.

    It should be noted, however, that the content is offered as a jumping-off point. It is meant to be combined, modified, and added to based on your facilitation style and the unique needs of your clients.

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