Tune in at 33:00 to hear the interview with our founder, Ilana Ben-Ari.

Preparing for the future of innovation

This week on The Feed with Amber Mac and Michael B, your aforementioned hosts showcase the latest in the world of technology, and sit down with Ilana to introduce the Empathy Toy to their SiriusXM audience across North America.

In a podcast episode titled “TF040 – Alec Ross on robots, jobs, and the future of innovation,” it’s hardly surprising that guests Alec Ross, and Ilana Ben-Ari, both speak to developing skills for success in whatever the future brings. The line teased by Michael B, “if you’re wondering what parents can do today to prepare our children for tomorrow…” could easily be an intro to either on-air expert.

Bestselling author of The Industries of the Future, and former Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary of State, Alec Ross has some sound advice for recent graduates:

“You’re graduating now, kids, but commit to a life of lifelong learning. The idea that learning – both formal and informal – ends when you walk out of university, is a remnant of years past. The people who will really make it in tomorrow’s world, are people who bring a discipline and a commitment to continual learning. That is what will serve them best.”

Lifelong learning & transferrable skills

Lifelong learning is a core value of 21st century skills, empowering learners to continually grow and adapt in the workforce of the future. The old model confines learning to a particular time, place, and method – only during school years, within formal educational institutions, and by receiving knowledge from qualified professionals.

Lifelong learning recognises that learning is a long-term endeavour, taking place throughout a lifetime, across various settings, and via formal, informal, and self-directed studies. When the only thing certain of the future of work is that it will be continually changing, it’s a better idea to focus on transferable skills that will be applicable across multiple careers than to rely on acquiring specific knowledge that can easily become outdated or unsuited.

Check out the episode to learn more from Alec Ross on the Industries of the Future, and Twenty One Toys founder, Ilana Ben-Ari, on toys for social change.

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