Making for Peace Building

The Nairobi Play Project • Nairobi, Kenya

I’m not a big fan of trying to create empathy through sitting around and talking, which is not experiential at all. So really, I used the game design process to create that experience.

21st Century Learning Powered by STEAM

Royal Ontario Museum • Toronto, ON

The reality is that in careers related to STEAM, innovation requires collaboration. You can’t be an effective collaborator if you can’t figure out empathy.

The Empathy Toy for Job Interviews

MaRS Discovery District • Toronto, ON

People in job interviews tend to say things like “I’m a great communicator” or “I really love collaboration”, but it can be difficult to test for that in an interview format.

Empathy-Based Leadership Program to Reduce Bullying

St John's High School • Winnipeg, MB

With the 21 Leaders Program, we reduced conflict-based referrals to the Principal's office by 85%

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