The Failure Toy in Yahoo! Finance

Failure ‘abstinence’ is ineffective & irresponsible In this latest article for Yahoo Finance, author Gail Johnson implores readers to consider failure a core skill for the 21st century. Despite failure – specifically developing resilience in the face of failure – being integral to learning and growing, most often failure is regarded as something to be … Continued

Twenty One Toys in Financial Post

The Financial Post describes how SheEO’s Radical Generosity initiative supported 5 women-led businesses (Twenty One Toys included!) this year through its revolutionary financing model.

The Empathy Toy in Yonge Street Media

Yonge Street Media describes how the Empathy Toy has found a home in more than 30 post-secondary institutions, being used by students and staff alike in North America and internationally.

The Empathy Toy in the Winnipeg Sun

Empathy in action at St. John’s High School The latest news on the Empathy Toy comes from a piece published in the Winnipeg Sun this week! Hailing from our founder Ilana Ben-Ari’s hometown, the print edition shows an extra-large photo of Grade 8 student, Kohl Clarke, holding half of an assembled empathy toy, his blindfold … Continued

The Empathy Toy on CBC News

CBC News broadcasts footage of Winnipeg students playing the Empathy Toy in this segment taped at the kick off to Everybody Has the Right Week, an anti-bullying initiative spurred by Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman.

The Empathy Toy at Maker Festival 2015

The Toronto Public Library recaps their top 5 highlights of this year’s Maker Festival – including The Empathy Toy’s appearance in the brand new “Makers and Games” section.

Twenty One Toys in Financial Post

The Financial Post profiles Twenty One Toys in this article about our founder Ilana’s story: detailing the origin of the Empathy Toy, and the impetus for launching a startup on a mission to reboot the education system.

The Empathy Toy in Design Indaba

Design Indaba introduces its readers to the Empathy Toy in this article that notes how the toys are being used in MIT Media Lab’s Global Minimum project in Sierra Leone.

The Empathy Toy in TIME Magazine

Too Cool for School: Disruptive tech is changing how kids learn In a piece on magazine stands this week, writer Victor Luckerson introduces TIME readers to “six new technologies that are shaping the classrooms of the future.” An amazing little milestone– @TIME Magazine shortlists the #EmpathyToy as new tech shaping classrooms of the future! … Continued

The Empathy Toy at Creative Mornings

Our founder, Ilana, argues that school is a poorly designed game in this video of her Toronto presentation – part of a global series of Creative Mornings talks on the topic of Play.

The Empathy Toy in Huffington Post

Toys are the new textbooks, according to the Huffington Post Ever-adept at posing a question, Matt Murrie of “What If…?” raises three relevant queries in this latest news article for the Huffington Post entitled “What if Toys are the New Textbooks?” What if the “three Rs” are wrong? If the point of schooling is to … Continued

The Empathy Toy onstage at TEDx

  Toys as Tools for Communication Back in 2011, before Twenty One Toys existed, our founder Ilana Ben-Ari braved the stage at TEDxConcordia in Montreal to share the tale of the Empathy Toy – then known as the Connexions Toy for Empathy & Creative Dialogue. In this presentation titled “Toys as Tools for Communication,” Ilana details … Continued

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